This is a quick overview of how todo.vu works – a great place to get a feel for how it could help you achieve more in your business.

Everything is a task

While todo.vu is a productivity tool with many elements of project and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, its focus is primarily about tasks – and getting them done.

A good way to approach todo.vu is to see everything as a task, such as:

  • a sales lead
  • your tax return
  • a phone call you need to return
  • a meeting with a client
  • updating the HTML on a web page for your client
  • delivering a change to an architectural drawing
  • fixing a tap in one of your client’s units.

Either you need to do these tasks yourself, or you need to delegate them to one of your team members or contractors. You need to make sure they are done on time and, if required, bill for that time appropriately.

We recognise that some tasks will be in-house (non-billable) tasks, and some tasks will be for your clients’ or customers’ projects. We appreciate that you may work alone or in a team.

That’s why todo.vu allows you to capture all of your tasks quickly, categorise them by client or as in-house, assign them to different team members, keep track of their progress, track and record the time spent on them, then raise billing reports based on that time, if required, to add to your invoices with ease.

todo.vu also provides various ways for your clients to create and view their own tasks. They can email them directly into todo.vu, or they can have their own unique todo.vu log in and interact directly with their tasks. You will always manage what they can see and do in todo.vu.

When you invite specific team members and clients to follow a task directly, they may have access to:

  • leave comments on the task
  • upload and attach files to the task
  • receive updates and notifications about any actions taken on the task.

In this way, each task in todo.vu keeps a detailed record of file attachments and conversations (similar to emails).

todo.vu time tracking and time billing software - Add followers, comments, upload files to a Task.

Workflow that works

todo.vu is designed to power a simple but effective workflow. Your tasks will be organised into three workflow states according to their status, either: ‘Snoozed’, ‘To Do’  or ‘Done’. This makes it easier to visualise and organise your work, and keep your immediate to-do list clean, clear and manageable.

todo.vu also provides a basic quality assurance loop. When you assign a task to someone else and they mark it as done, you will be alerted with the option to archive the task if you are satisfied with the work, or re-open it if you are not.

todo.vu task dashboard time tracking and time billing software

No distractions

Working in todo.vu will not slow you down. You can invite new users and add new Clients and contacts on the fly when you create tasks, so there is no need to interrupt your flow, and no complex setups.

todo.vu task dashboard time tracking and time billing software

The powerful context filter makes it easy to find tasks even when you have many thousands in the system.

todo.vu time tracking and billing software - Advanced context filter.

A simple solution for everyone

todo.vu is flexible and designed to suit many businesses’ unique needs and workflows.

For example, it is not like a traditional sales-focused CRM, but you can use it to track sales leads. It is not like a traditional project management tool, but it can ensure you complete every task for multiple client projects. todo.vu is not designed specifically as help desk or support software, but you can easily use it for that purpose. If you have an online store, you could use todo.vu to track your sales. If you provide inspections or testing for your clients, then todo.vu could help you track each request.

todo.vu is ideal for:

  • architects
  • engineers
  • landscapers
  • surveyors
  • town planners
  • accountants
  • book-keepers
  • property managers
  • realtors
  • web developers
  • programmers
  • creative designers
  • business coaches
  • wedding planners
  • event planners
  • any type of freelancer or consultant
  • most teams.

The help documents on this site will give you an insight into how it works, but really the best way is to just create an account and try it out.

We recommend you follow our 7 easy steps to get started once you have your new account up and running.

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