Our new name

todo.vu [tuhdoo-vyoo] was previously called Kitovu.

Kitovu was a cool name and worked pretty well for us, but there were a few reasons that lead us to make the change to the new name.

For a start, there have been a few new businesses using the name since we started — there is an iOS App UX design, a health care centre in Uganda, a technology company building agriculture solutions in Nigeria and even an open source CMS.

We felt that trying to compete with all these distracting uses of the word would present an ongoing cost that we would prefer to avoid.

Also, we had a change of management in late 2015 that resulted in a slightly different strategic direction and we wanted to reflect this in a re-launch of all branding and messaging.

While on a holiday in Vanuatu I stumbled across the .vu TLD and decided to register kito.vu and though it never got used, the idea of using the .vu ending stuck in my head. After more exploring and thinking I came up with the idea of todo.vu.

We pronounce todo.vu like “todo view” and that’s really what the product is all about — being able to see all that you and your team need to do.

It also happens to be about the shortest possible domain name you can get these days — so we are pretty chuffed about that.

The kitovu.com domain will continue to work into the future and our company is still named Kitovu Pty Ltd.

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