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Get the insights you need to build a better business

todo.vu’s time tracking software for architects supports smarter businesses.

With an easy-to-use timer that tracks billable and non-billable hours to tasks and projects, you can know exactly what and when activities are completed, as well as how long they take, and their expense.

With these insights, architecture firms can fine-tune their operations, estimate future work more accurately, and bid competitively on tenders they know will be most profitable.

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Track everything you or your team does – in-house tasks, personal tasks, and client project work all in one place.



Track your time directly on your tasks with simple, intuitive, visual tools. Most other systems only track time to a project level.



Set billing rates on projects and staff. Select which time is billable, raise detailed invoice reports. Provide clients with detailed time reports.



Each workspace has it’s own email address. You and your clients can email tasks directly into todo.vu. Attachments are included. Setup rules for assigning tasks from email.



Clients can be invited to just see work associated with their business. Contract staff can be restricted to specific clients. Any tasks can be made private.



Create real recurring tasks that sync with a calendar and can be individually updated, each with independent reminders. Read more about how we built the best repeating tasks system.

Stop wondering where all the time goes

Capture every minute

Tracking your time in todo.vu can be done with a single click or tap, whether you’re in the office or on site. Every minute is recorded directly on your tasks, so you can see exactly how much time is spent on specific clients, project stages, & tasks.

Keep on top of staff activity

See any team member or contractor’s activity in real time as it happens—or at any time; todo.vu keeps detailed time logs even after a team member has left the business.

Keep everyone in the loop

With no user limits, todo.vu is not just time tracking for architects, but also an agile project management & collaboration tool where your team & contractors can track time & share their work.

Screenshot of time tracking software for architects interface.
  • Create projects with hourly project budgets, and break projects into smaller tasks
  • See every task in an intuitive Kanban view with a unique context filter and custom Task labels
  • Keep a detailed and written record of every activity on every task
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Add files, due dates, labels, checklists and more on tasks
  • Comment on tasks in real time
  • Give clients and their contacts limited access to view and comment on tasks
  • Assign hourly budgets to tasks
  • Track time at different hourly rates
  • Comment on tasks directly from email

Don’t waste your time on projects that aren’t profitable

Know which projects are worth your time. And for those that are, keep your profit margins healthy and your clients happy.

The more you use architecture time tracking software, the more valuable historic data you collect about your architecture firm’s every activity.

Be more precise when estimating and budgeting for future work, and more competitive when bidding for work.

Screenshot of time tracking software for architects - Reporting dashboard.
Screenshot of a Team view in todo.vu - time tracking for consultants.

Stay on track with real-time reporting

Get a real-time view across your business’ entire operations: revealing in one glance who’s working on what and when. You can track any project’s progress at any time, and revise timelines and budgets before it’s too late.

Monthly activity reports are sent straight to your email inbox, and you can export reports from todo.vu directly to Excel or Google Sheets for further analysis.

Charge at multiple hourly rates

Set custom billing rates for your projects, clients, team members and contractors, and track and record time at this hourly rate on any task. todo.vu calculates necessary totals for you, providing clear, itemized billing reports that you can attach to your client invoices with a URL.

Screenshot of time tracking software for architects billing report sample.

Start using todo.vu right away

Let todo.vu transform the way you work with ease.

Simply add your projects and tasks, set your hourly rates, start tracking time, and know exactly what you need to succeed.

To see how todo.vu time tracking for architects can help you take control of your business and boost your billable hours, get started today with a free, 14-day trial.

*Never pay more than the capped price, no matter how many users you add.

All workspaces start with a 14-day trial period with all features enabled and unlimited users.

During the trial, we reward you for exploring todo.vu by giving credit for performing various actions in your workspace. It’s like an Easter egg hunt!

After the end of the trial, the credit you have earned will reduce the cost of your subscription. Or you can decide to use our Free Solo plan forever.

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