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Hardware Architecture is hosted on a scalable, redundant cloud platform of virtual servers including front-end load balancing, multiple web servers, with primary and secondary replicated databases.

All of our main servers are in a major US data centre in Dallas TX, with backup servers in a different data centre from a different provider.

We are also using Google Cloud Storage to host all file attachments.

Scaling is achieved through the addition of web servers and database servers.

Software Architecture

Our code and data architecture combines a single, multi-tenant code base with a separate database schema for each workspace.

This provides us with security (isolation of data between workspaces), flexibility (different workspaces can have different versions of schemas) and scalability (schemas can be placed on different hosts) benefits.


All data is replicated live from master to slave databases as well as to a second datacentre. The data is then further backed up with remote incremental snapshots.


Privacy is very important to All of your account data is stored in a private database schema. admin and support staff have no access to this data and no knowledge of your user passwords. We do not monitor or scan your data in any way. Your data remains your own property at all times and is never shared or accessible in any way other than via the user accounts that you manage.

See our privacy statement for further details.


This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from


All of our systems are monitored from multiple remote locations with a full health check every minute. The health check includes:

  • Web server and sock server response time
  • Application server response
  • Master database response
  • Slave database response and replication check
  • Backup currency


See our Security statement for more details on how we manage security.


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