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The Billing Dashboard

The Billing Dashboard is a section of the workspace accessible only to admin users and the workspace owner. The Billing Dashboard is where users can review time billing data (time tracked and recorded by users at hourly rates) both for the entire workspace at a glance and per client.

It is also via this dashboard where you can create billing reports for your clients.

In this article, you’ll learn how to view and interpret the data on your Billing Dashboard.

To learn more about time billing in, please see our ‘About time billing‘ Help article. Or, for a step-by-step guide on creating a detailed Billing Report for a client, visit our Help article here.


Only administrator users and workspace owners can access the Billing Dashboard.

Learn more about user roles and access levels in >>

A screenshot of's interface, demonstrating how to set a User access level to either admit or deny them access to your business' time billing reports.

Accessing the Billing Dashboard

To navigate to the Billing Dashboard, select Billing from the left-hand sidebar of your workspace. Only administrator users and workspace owners can access the Billing Dashboard.

A screenshot of's interface, demonstrating how a User can navigate to the Billing Dashboard to manage their time billing.

Data on the Billing Dashboard

On your Billing Dashboard, you will see a visual overview of your business’ billing data in

The data on this page includes:

  • A timeline showcasing the billing status of your time billing data
  • A donut chart & table representing top clients with the highest unbilled time/billing value
  • A table of draft bills
  • A table of top clients sorted in descending order based on value, with the highest value client at the top.

You will also see a list of your clients down the left-hand side of the page. If you select a specific client from this list, you will open the Billing Report editor that contains all of that client’s unbilled hours by default. This is where you will create your billing reports for that particular client.

Read more about creating billing reports here.

A screenshot of's time billing analysis reports.

Customise data display (time or billing values)

You can choose whether the data on your Billing Dashboard is displayed in time or billing values.

By default, you will see time data across the dashboard. To see your data in billing values instead, simply select the currency symbol (next to the clock symbol) in the top right-hand side of the dashboard.

When you change your view, it applies to the data across the entire billing dashboard and remains in place, even if you log out of, until you change it again.

Note that this feature does not affect the data or function of the Billing Report editor.

An animation in time tracking and billing software, demonstrating how a user can switch to see the data on their Billing dashboard in time values or billing values.

The Billing timeline

The first graph at the top of your Billing Dashboard is the Billing timeline. This graph charts the billing status of your tracked time (or its associated value, depending on your view) from the first time you started using

A screenshot of's billing timeline depicting billable, non-billable, unbilled and draft billed time tracked by a business within a specified date range.

You will notice various colours in the chart.

The colours represent:

  • Green: Billed time
  • Blue: Unbilled time
  • Red: Draft billed time
  • Purple: Non-billable time.

Learn more about’s billing statuses here.

Navigating the chart:

Use the plus/minus (+)/(-) icons to zoom in and out on the graph, extending the timeline view. Or, click your mouse and drag it right or left across the timeline to move up and down the timeline.

Unbilled time & Unbilled value

Beneath the Billing timeline, you will see your business’s unbilled time/billing value per client (again, depending on your chosen view), represented in a donut chart.

This visual is designed to give you a quick overview of the client work you have yet to bill for, allowing you to easily identify which clients have the most unbilled time or value.

A screenshot of a billing time graph in's Billing Dashboard interface, demonstrating visually which clients have the most amount of unbilled time tracked for a business.

You can delve deeper into this data with just a few clicks, like so:

An animated GIF demonstrating how a user can customise the Unbilled time graph for more details specific to each client, project, task and user.

Select a wedge in the graph, which is connected by colour and number to a client in the client list. Or, select a client from the list. This will update the graph and list to display top projects for that client (Projects with the highest unbilled time/value).

Then, click on any project in the list, or wedge in the graph, to update the graph to display top tasks for that project.

Drilling down even further, you can then select any task in the list, or wedge in the graph, to update the graph to display top users for that task.

Then, selecting a user, you can see exactly how much unbilled time they have logged for that selected task.

Use the breadcrumbs above the graph to reset the graph or return to any view. Or, click the centre of the pie graph to go back one view.

You can also go directly to a client, project or a task, or to a client’s ‘Unbilled time and charges’ page, from this graph; simply select the dynamic links beneath the graph that update as you navigate through different views.

A screenshot of's interface, demonstrating how to navigate to create a Billing Report with one click from's Unbilled time graph.

Draft bills and Top clients

Below your ‘Unbilled time/Unbilled value’ graph, you will see a column with your ‘Draft bills’ and a column with data on your ‘Top clients’.

These are quick reference tools. ‘Draft bills’ reminds you of any outstanding billing reports which have not yet been published, and ‘Top clients’ gives you an easy overview of which client/s have accrued the most time or billing value over the past 12 months.

A screenshot of a 'Draft bills' report in, depicting which clients a business has created a time billing report for, but which is yet to be published.
A screenshot of a Top Clients report in, demonstrating which clients have accrued the highest billing amount based on time tracking and billing logs.
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