A growing list of documents to help you get the most out of If something is missing here, feel free to contact our support from within the app.



A good place to start. A general overview of why we created and how we imagine it will work for you.

Finding tasks

How to use the left column to filter and find tasks quickly, even if you have 10,000 tasks in

How workspaces work

Most people only need one workspace, but you may be considering more. A guide on best practice for setup and use of workspaces.

Clients and contacts

Understanding how to manage your clients and contacts and to ensure they also get the most out of

Pricing and Subscriptions

How our pricing works and how to manage your subscription and payments.

Creating tasks

How to create tasks and how to do so efficiently. A look at the many options for tasks.

Recording time

How to record time on a task. Admin users can also set billing rates and enter time for other staff.

Email integration

How to take advantage of our email integration. This is a great way to engage your clients.

Managing staff

Adding and managing your staff. Control their access to specific clients and tasks.

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