Change Log 13

Another bunch of fixes and improvements. Notifications are now sent when an email-only contact emails tasks in (Thanks to Brandon Zell) No longer show Contacts to staff without necessary permissions Minor improvements to UI

Change Log 12

Fix formatting issue with calendar highlights Minor fixes to layouts/fonts/typos on various pages Fix avatars not propagating to new workspaces Some final rebranding changes to URLs & Social media links Improve the way default assignee is set for tasks created...

Change Log 11

Unify internal app colours Prevent long strings in comments from breaking page layout Upgraded healthcheck/monitor scripts Improve display of next payment in billing area to reflect credits applied

Server upgrades

At the same time as releasing our new website and domain, we also snuck in a significant update to our server infrastructure. We have now upgraded our load balancing systems to be more redundant and provide much faster and more sensitive fail-over responses....