tips – Calendar Sync for Google Calendar

The calendar, for most business people, is the lifeblood of their day. If it’s not in the calendar, it may as well not exist. We feel exactly the same and believe it is equally as important to have a tool to manage your tasks as it is for that tool to be able to... hidden features – Volume 2

Recently we decided to release a “hidden features” series designed to help you, our valued user, to learn the tips and tricks for getting the most out of your experience. In this series, we uncover hacks within the platform that can help...

The Chatbot Revolution For Small Businesses

Chatbots, while relatively new to the world, have quickly been adopted and touted as a business tool of the future; with the ability to improve productivity and efficiency, all the while enhancing the customer experience. Yes, please.   Although the application to... hidden features – Volume 1

Think of all the times you have been using a program which you thought you knew well, only to be shown by someone else that there was a shortcut or feature you knew nothing about. This is normal, of course. I would be relatively confident to bet that most of us use... mindfulness app review – Smiling Mind mindfulness app review – Smiling Mind

Mindfulness is making headlines recently, touted as the secret weapon for people of all walks of life to calm their mind, reduce stress, and get more out of the day. What started as an individual pursuit for inner calm, has expanded to an activity promoted in... tips – Referrals and Credits tips – Referrals and Credits

It’s like a treasure hunt Learning how to use a new system is not always fun, as it can often be irritatingly time-consuming. To counter the frustration of learning a new system, set up a way to reward your efforts and add a bit of fun to the process. We... product review: Qwilr product review: Qwilr

When running a small business or setting up a small business, many people don’t consider just how much clients judge you on the quality of your presentation, even before they have the chance to judge you on your work. You may be the best, but if your proposal... product review: InvoiceBerry product review: InvoiceBerry

Setting up a small business can be fraught with uncertainty around how and what to implement for keeping on top of cash flow, while still keeping your eyes on the work. Even established businesses can face a tremendous amount of trial and error while figuring out... receives two awards from FinancesOnline receives two awards from FinancesOnline

We are very proud to announce that has been reviewed and given awards for both Great User Experience and Rising Star by FinancesOnline. The FinancesOnline review is a comprehensive expert review of all aspects of the system, features and use...