This month we are releasing a new “Project Template” feature in

You can now create a template set of tasks and then deploy them all quickly to any client as a new project. If you find that you regularly perform the same tasks over and over for new clients then this may well save you lots of time.

Imagine you perform house inspections for termites and repeat the same process of tasks for each new client.

  1. Collect client details
  2. Inspect property
  3. Prepare report
  4. Review and certify the report
  5. Mail report
  6. Send Invoice

It would be very handy to have these tasks predefined so that you can deploy them quickly for each new client. Each task may also include more specific details and sub-tasks which all form part of the template.

You can also specify time budgets on the tasks and the overall template to help with your time tracking.

When you deploy a Project template, you will be given the opportunity to choose a client, name the project, choose an assignee and even skip some tasks from the template.

You can create as many templates as you like each with as many tasks as you like.

Note that this feature is only fully available on our paid plans, so another great reason to subscribe!

Visit our dedicated Support pages for more information about Project Templates.

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