If you’re regularly working with clients inside todo.vu you may find that there are times when you just don’t want the client to see part of the discussion.

It may be that you want to add some private information to the tasks or you may need to chat with other teammates in private. Or perhaps you just need to let off steam!

Now you can add staff-only comments to any task. These comments will only be visible to your other team members.

Email notifications for staff-only comments also behave slightly differently –  when the notifications are sent out, they will not be sent to contacts and they will contain “[STAFF ONLY]” in the subject line. This will ensure that any reply will also be considered staff-only so you can safely have private conversations over email.

Staff-only comments are highlighted so you can easily recognise them. When you switch the comment to staff-only mode, it will remain in that position until you switch it back – this will help to reduce the chances of comments accidentally going public.

Still, it’s always best to be careful what you say :)

Shoutout – Blink

While researching other products in a similar space to todo.vu I came across Blink.

Blink is an online intranet/collaboration solution for large organisations. While todo.vu focuses on project and task management and time tracking, Blink covers other areas such as document management, collaboration and communication within the workplace.

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