Not for profit pricing is ideally suited to not-for-profit organisations, particularly if they are short-staffed or have casual transient staff.

Traditional CRM systems are useful for fundraising purposes, but when it comes to program delivery and overall in-house functioning, there is a need for a central knowledge base of work in progress and completed work.

Traditionally this ends up in email boxes as a chaos of old message threads. If staff move on then mailboxes are deleted and such knowledge is lost. If there is frequent staff turnover and casual voluntary staff then there is a need for one place to maintain all knowledge and this is where can help.

While is often marketed as a ‘client management’ system, it can easily be configured as a pure task management system ideal for NFP organisations. Some of the feature that help are:

  • Ability to rename ‘Clients’ and ‘Projects’ to something more appropriate such as ‘Programs’ or ‘Agencies’
  • Ability to turn off all time-tracking features (most likely not required)

We also recognise that not-for-profit organisations have limited budgets and that is where we can help greatly. Our capped pricing model means that you will never pay more than a set price, regardless of how many staff you may have.

We are also happy to consider discounted seat pricing on a case by case basis.

If would like to discuss not-for-profit pricing for then please contact us at


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