90% Cheaper than Wrike

todo.vu is a Wrike alternative offering a similar range of core features.

Wrike advertises “Starting at $9.80/user per month” but that is quite deceptive. They employ some very cruel restrictions that force you to pay for more than you really need.

Firstly, on their lowest priced plan, the minimum number of users you are allowed to pay for is 5 – even if you work alone. They then force you to purchase ‘packages’ of 5 users – so if you have 6 staff, you pay for 10, if you have 11 you pay for 15!. This gets even worse once you get past 30 users – you are then forced to purchase packs of 10 at a time, so if you have 31 staff you pay for 40.

And if your team has 20 or more users then you are not even allowed to use their cheapest plan, you are forced to upgrade to their Business Plan at a higher rate of $24.80/user.

Oh, I also need to mention that all these prices are “billed annually” with no refunds. So if your staff leave, you continue to pay for the rest of the year for seats you don’t need.

The absolute minimum commitment you can make to Wrike is 5 users on the $9.80 plan for 12 months i.e. $588. Compare that with $5 for todo.vu!

So let’s look at a couple of real-world cases to see what this looks like.

Cast study 1
Solo Freelancer requiring task management and time tracking

The minimum Wrike plan that offers time tracking is their Business plan.

The Business plan is billed at $24.80/user/month. But to make this worse, even if you are a solo user, Wrike forces you to pay for a minimum of 5 staff!

So this means a minimum commitment of $124/month for a solo Freelancer to be able to manage their tasks and track time. Your first bill will be $1488!

Compare that to todo.vu’s commitment of $9/month for our Business Time plan billed monthly. Your first bill will be $9.


That’s a saving of 93% per month. Your upfront commitment is ~200x lower!

Case study 2
A medium team of 60 users requiring task management and time tracking

Well again, in Wrike you require the Business plan and you would be paying $24.80 per user. So that is a simple calculation of 60 * $24.80 = $1,488/month. Your first bill will be a whopping $17,856.

Now let’s compare that with todo.vu’s pricing. Our Business Time plan is $9/user/month, but we cap our pricing at 11 seats, i.e. $99/month is the most you are going to pay. And we allow you to pay this monthly. Your first bill with todo.vu will be $99.

Well, again that works out at a 93% saving per month. And of course, if your team is larger then the savings are even greater.

So what’s the catch?

So now that I’ve got your attention I probably need to be truthful. While Wrike and todo.vu serve similar purposes, they are not identical.

todo.vu is ~90% cheaper than Wrike, but it is also lacking many features that Wrike has, so it’s not completely fair to compare them only on price.

I would recommend that you look closely at the features of both products to decide what is important to you before making a final decision.

Here are a few things that stand out:

  • At the moment, todo.vu has not yet released our mobile apps
  • We have not yet published our API and have fewer integrations
  • We don’t provide a Gantt chart or Kanban views yet
  • todo.vu does not allow custom fields or workflows
  • Only available in English

todo.vu is still young and growing and we are adding features based on user feedback all the time. Over time we expect to close the gap on Wrike, but we also don’t want todo.vu to turn into a bloated complicated and expensive product.

todo.vu will always deliver the critical functionality you need to run your business in a simple intuitive way at a very affordable price.

If you are looking for an alternative to Wrike then you should check out todo.vu

If your business has some very specific requirements that only Wrike delivers, then perhaps you will just have to pay the other 90%. But I would encourage you to take a good look at todo.vu and decide if it will work for you.

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