Appreciation of a person’s effort goes a long way. Think of a time when someone showed true appreciation for the efforts you put into a project or task. It felt good didn’t it? People want to know their efforts are valued and being seen, they want to know you care about the effort they make. People don’t forget.

This got the team at Kitovu thinking about how we could build in a simple feature that allows users to show their appreciation for the efforts of their team-mates.

Some analytical types might be already thinking this feature is too touchy-feely but the simple “Good Job” button allows users to recognize the contributions of others and it will reinforce the kind of behaviour you want to see again. Team-mates who feel their efforts make a difference and are appreciated and noticed tend to go the extra mile in the future.

How often does anybody really get the time to send a personal email to a team-mate and say, “thanks for doing a great job on X”? Well, the “Good Job” button allows you to do just this in one click on the specific task while you review it or mark it as completed, simple! The feedback you give will be prompt and will recognize the kind of effort you want to see again.

To tell a team-mate they have done a good job on a task just go to any task details page. You will see a ‘Smiley Face’ in the toolbar just above the task, simply click and boom your team-mate will be sent a notification saying “Joe User thinks you did a good job“. The notification will also reference the task ID and the task title.


Research indicates that most people enjoy a personal thank you, so start thanking your team-mates, create some love in your office and start reaping the benefits of team-mates who fee more appreciated. Task management and collaboration shouldn’t be dry and lifeless. What will also help you drive results is fostering teamwork. A team that works well together will deliver.

We hope you and your team-mates enjoy showing and receiving appreciation for a job well done. Let us know what you think of this feature or it you have other features you want to see in Kitovu.

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