Full features for FREE

Our new Free Solo plan includes ALL the features of the Premium Team Plan – for FREE.

If you are a freelancer or solo worker looking for a fully featured FREE CRM + Task Management system then Kitovu is just what you need. And now there are more reasons to join us.

We have been thinking about our offering and listening to our users. Often we get asked if there is a way to try out the premium features of Kitovu. And managing two code versions is just expensive and complicated. So we’ve decided to just let everybody have everything.

All new workspaces created from now on will include all the features of our Team Premium Plan.

This includes features previously only available on our Premium Plans:

  • email-in tasks
  • copy tasks
  • checklists
  • calendar sync

The only limitations are:

  • maximum 1 Staff User
  • storage limited to 100Mb

All Free workspaces created before May 12, 2016 remain on the legacy Free plan and don’t have access to these new features but they continue to have a maximum of 5 staff.  If you would prefer to switch to our new fully featured Free Solo plan then email us and we can switch your workspace.

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