Now you can earn credits as you explore Kitovu. Add a task – receive $1 credit; Add a client – receive $1 credit… with a bit of effort you should be able to find in excess of $25 credit simply by using Kitovu.

We understand that evaluating software is time consuming and sometimes frustrating.  So we are making the experience much more rewarding.

We have added credits to various actions and features within the system and as you explore and perform these actions you will accumulate credit. We keep a tally of your credit and you can then use it towards upgrading a workspace.

We are not going to tell you exactly where all the credits are hidden, you’ll need to find that out for yourself.

Referring someone to Kitovu for extra credits
You also earn $5 credit as soon as someone you invite signs on (including your own team and clients), and another $10 if they create and upgrade a workspace to the Team Premium Plan.

And just to make this a bit more fun, you earn 50% of the credits they earn while exploring too!

So why not get started now and tell your friends too.

Credits are personal and can be used on any new workspace
Credits that you earn are tied to your personal Kitovu account and can be used towards your own workspace, even if you are a contact in someone else’s workspace.

So if you have been invited into someone else’s workspace and are discovering how good Kitovu may be for you, then this is an ideal way to get started.  Just create your own workspace by clicking on the link in the header, redeem your credit and you’ll be able to switch between the two workspaces.

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