Our first release of time-tracking has been a great success. We believe that everything you do is a task and so all time entries will always be linked to tasks. This makes reporting very powerful and makes it much easier to track multiple staff and multiple time entries on the one task.

If you are a planner and have your task list prepared, then adding time directly to the task is ideal and simple. However, not all work is planned in advance and sometimes you find the need to record time for which there is no present task. We now have a great solution for this situation.

We have updated our timesheet view so that you can add time entries directly to it. You can link these entries to an existing task or just let the system create a new one for you.

This entry format is perfect for small ad-hoc tasks and unplanned work such as phone calls or responses to emails – now you can simply enter them to the timesheet in a couple of clicks.

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