Today we are releasing a brand new user interface for With a fresh new look and significant usability improvements, this new UI will provide a great platform for our future plans.

This is more than just a change in how looks. We found ourselves in a position where we needed to move to a completely new framework to enable the sort of functionality that modern apps demand. So we have rebuilt the entire front end from the ground up. At the same time, we’ve implemented many new usability features.

Some of the many changes include:

  • New clean design
  • New listing views
  • Improved charting components
  • Improved “smart” Client/Project lookup modal
  • All new modals are now keyboard shortcut friendly
  • A top-level Tab for reporting to improve access
  • Staff/Contact avatars with details (location, timezone, out of office notices)
  • New views for Clients/Projects/Staff including more details on current work
  • improved visibility of Notes on Clients, Projects, and Staff
  • Easier tools for managing staff access to clients and projects
  • Improved contact viewing and editing
  • A button to quickly create related tasks
  • Numerous improvements to menus and dialogues to enhance the user experience

You can now access a new tooltip modal from staff avatars to quickly see their details and even the time-zone/current-time and quickly access or create tasks for that person.

Our improved Client/Project lookup is now keyboard shortcut friendly and allows you to quickly find any project or client in just one search. You no longer need to select a client prior to finding the project.

This process is not complete – this is an interim release so that everyone can experience the new improvements immediately. But we are still working through a long list of enhancements with a few more related releases planned very soon.



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