As wonderful as is, the reality is that some people just simply don’t want to log in and create tasks. Or you may not even want some users or customers to log in. However, this can lead to a situation where you are often recording tasks on behalf of your customers and that then makes it difficult to distinguish where the original request came from.

Until now, when you created a task, the ‘task creator’ role was always attributed to the current logged in user. 

We have now introduced a new feature that allows you to record who the original request came from.

You can now click on the task creator avatar (positioned to the left of the task title) and change it from you to another user in This can be another team member or a client’s contact.

The consequence is that you can then search for tasks ‘requested by’ a particular user and get accurate results.

Note that this does not add the contact as a follower of the task automatically – so they won’t be notified unless you explicitly add them as a follower to the task.

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