We’ve brought a new content block to todo.vu’s task editor, providing a more convenient way of managing your tasks and sub-tasks.

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The new Task Link block​

As you may know, todo.vu’s task editor uses content blocks—such as headers, paragraphs, checklists, bulleted lists and more—in the description and comments sections.

With this update, we’ve introduced a new content block: the Task Link block. With the new Task Link block, you can create live task references within a task’s description and comments. Each live task reference links to a separate todo.vu task in your workspace.

As they are ‘live’, task references display their task title, client, project and workflow status in real time, like so:

todo.vu time tracking software - a demo of live task references created with the Task Link block.

And, as they are ‘live’, any changes made to the task reference through the Task Link block or on the actual referenced task are updated across the workspace in real time.

That means if you mark a task reference as “Done” on the Task Link block, the actual task on your workspace will also be marked as “Done”. And vice versa: if you mark a task as “Done”, and it’s included on another task as a task reference, the task reference will also appear as “Done”.

Using the Task Link block

You can use the Task Link block to reference (and therefore link to) an existing task in your Workspace. Or, you can create a new task as you create a task link.

Use the Task Link block to reference an existing task

There are a few ways to use the Task Link block to reference an existing task.

1. With the Block settings:

While in a task, simply click on a new line in the description or comment section where you would like your task link to go.

A paragraph icon will appear to the left, where you can access your content block settings. Select it, and then select the sole checkbox icon, the one that says ‘Task link’ when you hover your mouse over it.

A screenshot of a task demonstrating where the Block settings appears (the paragraph icon).
A screenshot of a todo.vu task demonstrating the new Task Link block option within the content editor.

Then, select the link icon to the right of the new field that appears, or press [Enter], to trigger todo.vu’s tasks modal.

A screenshot of a todo.vu task demonstrating how a user accesses the tasks modal to create a task link to an existing task.

On the modal, you can search tasks by a recent task view (by default) or an all-tasks view; just toggle your view with the icons on the top right.

A screenshot of todo.vu's Tasks modal.

Select your task. The tasks modal will automatically close and your chosen task will now appear as a live task reference link.

A screenshot of a todo.vu task with a live task reference to an existing task created with the Task Link block.

2. With a keyboard shortcut:

When on a new line in your editor, type the keyboard shortcut [#]+[spacebar] and then press [Enter] to trigger todo.vu’s tasks modal.

3. With a keyboard shortcut and task ID

When on a new line, type in the keyboard shortcut [#] + [spacebar]. This time, start typing in a task ID, starting with the hash key (#).

If it matches with a task ID in your workspace, this task will appear as an automatic recommendation. Hit [Enter], and the task link will be created.

A screenshot creating a live task reference with a task ID.

4. With a copy and paste

Similar to the step above, you can copy a task’s ID from your dashboard, then paste it on a new line in a separate task to create a live task reference to an existing task.

A GIF of copy/pasting task IDs to create a live task reference.

Use the Task Link block to reference a new task

As we at todo.vu like to make your workflow super easy, you can create a new task at the same time you use the Task Link block.

Here’s how:

Note: Whenever you create a new task with the task link block, the new task will automatically adopt the same client/project as the task on which you are creating it.

1. Just type

Just type on a new line in your task description or comment as you usually would. Then, click on the Block settings to the left of your text, and select ‘Task link’.

Finally, select the arrow to the right that says ‘Create task’, or press [Enter]. Whatever you have typed will become your task title.

*Select [Shift]+[Enter] to add a task description before you press Enter.

A screenshot of a todo.vu task demonstrating that a user can type to create a new live task reference.

2. Use the Task modal

Repeat the same actions as the first step for creating a reference to an existing task to open todo.vu’s tasks modal. 

Now, you can create a new task from within the pop-up tasks modal, as you normally would.

Navigate to a linked task

Once you’ve created a live task reference, you can navigate to the referenced task by clicking on the arrow to the right.

A screenshot of a live task reference on a todo.vu task, demonstrating how to navigate to the referenced task.

Change a linked task’s workflow status.

To change a referenced task’s workflow status, hit the checkbox icon to the left.

A screenshot of a live task reference on a todo.vu task, demonstrating how to change the workflow status of the referenced task from the task link block.

Delete or add Task Link blocks

It’s important to note for editing that you can click on the body of any task reference without being taken away from your current task.

Clicking anywhere other than the workflow status checkbox or the arrow on a live task reference will keep you on the current task editor.

So, to return to editing beneath a task link block, or to add or delete a task link block, simply click on the body of the task link, and continue your workflow with your keyboard, like so:

Select [Enter] to continue editing below a task link block. Or, select [Delete] or [Backspace] to delete the task link block.

An animation demonstrating how to navigate a task link block.

Note that deleting a task link block does not delete the actual referenced task.

Create several task links at once

We’ve also tweaked todo.vu so you can bulk copy tasks from your Task Dashboard. This action copies both task IDs and titles, and makes it super easy to print or email a list of selected tasks.

You can also copy and paste bulk tasks directly into a todo.vu task or comment; this will automatically create a list of live task references. 

Here’s how to do this:

Navigate to your Task Dashboard, and select the tasks that you would like to copy by clicking on their avatars. A drop-down menu will appear at the top of your task dashboard.

Select the copy icon, the second from the left, that says ‘Copy task ids/titles to clipboard’.

A screenshot of bulk copying todo.vu task IDs and titles for easy printing, emailing, or task referencing.

A notification will appear at the bottom of your dashboard confirming that your tasks have been successfully copied to your clipboard.

Then, all you need to do is navigate to (or create) a task on which you want to paste these tasks as live task references. (Or, if you’d like to email or print them, go to the email editor or document you’d like to email or print.)

Then, either right click and select ‘Paste’, or use the keyboard shortcut [ctrl]+[v], and your task references will automatically appear!

An animation demonstrating todo.vu's bulk copy/paste Task Link blocks feature.

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