Company is a product that was born out of need. Years of experience in the IT consulting industry lead the founders of to create a product that would truly meet the needs of Agencies, Consultants, Contractors, and Freelancers. For years we found ourselves using products which didn’t really suit what we were doing. They were either super complicated or too functionally weak, didn’t suit the requirements of managing teams and client work and or didn’t provide for good communication between all stakeholders, including clients.

At we are on a mission to develop a product that will be a perfect fit for organisations that manage client work and the specific needs this creates. We are developing a product which is powerful enough to do what is important but at the same time, we don’t believe in burdening users with functionality that is rarely used. will allow teams and clients to collaborate in a way that improves productivity and the client experience. has been developed using the latest web frameworks and architecture and that means it is super fast, extremely efficient and fast processing.

We believe in useful, practical software that is simple, elegant and fast. We strive to provide users with the best experience possible: the best UI, the best technology, and best insight into real-world business practices.

Values we bring to building software:

  •   Practicality
  •   Logic and Reason
  •   Elegant, Beautiful Design
  •   Ethical Standards
  •   Simplicity
  •   Quality
  •   Customer Service

This is just the start of the journey. There will be lots of new and exciting features in the coming months. If you would like to get in touch please contact us. If you have feedback about the product email us at

Our Team

Tom Cameron


Sergey Volobuev

Software Engineer

Max Quirk

Software Engineer

John Abalos

Software Engineer

​Erin Haywood

Marketing and communications

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