When creating tasks in a task management system one of the key considerations is the ease and speed with which those tasks can be added. Especially if a user has to add and assign a large number of tasks. So there is nothing worse than having to spend longer than it should take to add tasks.

Our team members have used an array of other tasks management systems in the past. One of the biggest gripes people have is how long it takes to enter tasks into a system and assign those tasks to the right user, client, project etc. There are also other settings that are applied when adding new tasks. Settings such as potentially multiple labels and followers.

Our goal is to make task management simple, easy and fast. So the team at Kitvou put our heads together and started asking ourselves some questions about how we can make adding new tasks easier and faster – more precisely how can we reduce the number of selections or clicks that need to be made when adding a new task.

What we came up with was the idea of ‘adding tasks in context’. So what does that mean I almost hear you say? In simple terms it means values on a new task can be preset based on where in the system you add the task. Lets consider an example.

If you want to add 5 new tasks for the same assignee, same client, same project, with the same labels and followers. In many task management systems you have to make those same selections for every single new task you create. This could mean up to 20 clicks or so for each new task you create – nightmare! In Kitovu you can simply navigate to the view that shows tasks with the same settings that you want for the new tasks you are planning to add. When you do this each time you create a new task those values will be preselected for you.

Lets take a closer look. If you wanted to assign 5 new tasks to “John Smith” for your client “ACME Industries” under the project “Website Development”. You simply filter the task list show John’s tasks for that client and project. You can then click on ‘add task’ and the values mentioned above will be preselected in the add task form.

Now if you wanted to include a certain set of labels and followers you can click on an individual task view, that individual task might have 2 labels and 3 followers already. If you want those same 2 labels and 3 followers to be included on the new tasks you are creating all you do is click on ‘add task’ and presto, those values will be preselected in your new task.

We think adding tasks in context will help Kitovu user’s add new tasks more quickly and in a very simple manner. In the end our goal is to make task management simple, easy and fast for you, our users. We hope you like this feature and as always let us know how it works for you or how you think we can make task management easier for you and your team.

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