A key area that we considered when developing Kitovu was to deliberately not focus on building a system that was only useful for techno people. When it comes to task management software the IT industry were generally the early adopters.

A lot of organisations probably still don’t know too much about the benefits of task management software. This means the majority of task and project management systems cater to the needs of techno focused businesses. But every organisation has ‘stuff to get done’ which aren’t necessarily bugs.

Most task management systems tend to focus on software ‘bugs’ or support ‘tickets’ or technical ‘issues’. The term task, bug, ticket or issue, can be just a choice of language, but in many cases the workflow and UI is focused on the notion of correcting errors or providing help-desk like support.

Managing the tasks that need to be done within an organisation include a much wider array of items than just fixing problems or correcting errors in software. First of all not everybody is a software developer! With Kitovu our goal was to build a task management tool that works for a much wider set of organisations.

Kitovu can be used to manage almost any type of task. Kitovu is perfect for managing bugs and help-desk like tickets but it can also be used for tasks like; tracking phone messages, following up on sales leads or bills, managing HR tasks, accounting or tax related tasks, marketing activities, managing content schedules and even organising social events (if you have time for them). Almost any type of task can be managed with Kitovu.

In many organisations a lot of tasks are not related to problems but just the day to day management of the organisation and people within it. For those of you that know what a “bug tracker” is you probably wouldn’t consider adding a general activity like “pay the office electricity bill” into a bug tracker – its not a bug it is?

Many organisations manage day to day tasks with email. But email has many weaknesses. A modern task management system like Kitovu allows organisations to more effectively manage, track, record and collaborate on tasks.

Kitovu has been developed to suit a wide range of organisations. It will certainly appeal strongly to organisations that manage “client work”. That could include; Marketing companies, Graphic Designers, HR companies, PR companies, Financial Planners, Bookkeepers, Media Consultants, Management Consultants, Architects, Lawyers, Engineers, Builders and many more.

More broadly it will also work well for people who work in non IT sectors such as; Education, Finance, HR, Sales and Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality, Insurance, Not for Profits, Government.

We will always make the product work for IT organisations, we use Kitovu to manage the development of Kitovu but as we continue to develop Kitovu we are making an effort to make the product user friendly, simple and as non-techo as possible so it can work for many different types of organisations.

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