So what is this task management thing all about you ask? Why would I bother with a task management system when I can just use email you ask?

Well an effective task management system like Kitovu can offer many benefits that email just can’t. Email was never designed to manage tasks. Email is about conversations, the digital version of a phone call if you like. We at Kitovu believe that there is a place for email. Some say email is dead, we just don’t see that happening. Email is a key form of communication especially for businesses and organisations. But it is not the best option for everything.

Just ask yourself about the following scenarios;

  1. Does email provide a way to handle the workflow of a task? Can you mark an email as ‘completed’?
  2. What happens when a customer sends an email to someone on leave? Often those emails can go unchecked.
  3. Does your email inbox allow you to sort the priority of tasks or work you need to do?
  4. Does email provide you a way to set due dates on work that needs to be done?
  5. How transparent is email? Can you see conversations between customers and staff about work?

Email tends to isolate conversations between the sender and recipient. You can CC or BCC other people but this usually results in fragmented conversations. If you later bring another person into the conversation you generally need to forward them the entire history of the email so they can catch up. Email also makes it difficult for managers and key stakeholders to follow conversations. A staff member can be having a conversation with a customer without a manager or other staff knowing anything about what is being discussed or being able to assist.

So what benefits does a task management system like Kitovu provide over using email?

  1. Record Keeping – a task management system allows all stakeholders to see what was done for different clients and projects by who and when. Work history is easy to see.
  2. Transparency – a task management system allows tasks to be ‘visible’ to other staff and stakeholders so they can more easily get involved when required.
  3. Collaboration – a task management system allows other staff to easily collaborate and provide support. Your entire team can see and get involved in public tasks.
  4. Delegation – a task management system allows work to be easily delegated to other staff. It also makes tracking your delegated tasks much easier.
  5. Context – the Kitovu task management system allows tasks to be assigned to a specific client or project.
  6. Time – a task management system allows tasks to be given a due date. So people know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.
  7. Workflow and State – a task management system provides a workflow for tasks. In Kitovu a task can be open, completed or closed.

Email simply can’t provide these benefits. These are just some of the reasons why businesses and organisations should stop using email to manage work. Kitovu is a task management system designed specifically to manage client work. As our slogan says, Kitovu is a better way to manage client work – and certainly better than email.

Kitovu is also very easy and intuitive to use. It doesn’t take long to setup an account and get started. So why not create an account and try it out for yourself.

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