My name Troy Best, one of the founders of Kitovu. In Tom’s last email he gave you a little bit of an background about us and why we decided to build Kitovu. I wanted to provide you with some more details on the upcoming release and new features, so here goes.

The release date is Monday, November 17. We are super excited about the release. The release will include a “Premium” version of Kitovu as well as some additional features for free accounts.

Free Plans

In the upcoming release the free plan will also include the following features;

mailout-icon-guestUnlimited Guest Users
You will be able to invite an unlimited number of Guest Users into your account. You can use this feature to invite clients or collaborators who only need to assign tasks to other people so they can create and comment on tasks.

mailout-icon-emailEmail Notifications settings
This setting will allow users to choose whether they would like to receive email notifications for new tasks, reopened tasks and completed tasks. This setting is turned on by default for new accounts.

mailout-icon-planeOut of Office indicator
This will allow each user to change their status to show other users they are away. This will help you know who is on leave or unable to handle tasks.


Premium Plans

The new premium plan include the following features;

mailout-icon-userNo limit to the number of Full Users
You will be able to purchase as many user licenses as you need to match the size of your team. You only pay for the actual number of users you need, no arbitrary levels.


mailout-icon-accessUser Access Options
Restrict or grant access to specific clients and projects for full users. Ideal for contractors or temporary staff.


mailout-icon-privUser Privileges
Premium accounts allow you to assign privileges to different users. Set ‘Administration’ and or ‘Manage Users, Clients and Projects’ privileges.


mailout-icon-guestUnlimited Guest Users
Premium accounts also have free unlimited guest users. Guests cannot have tasks assigned to them, they can only assign tasks to other people.


mailout-icon-privatePrivate Projects
You will be able to lock individual projects allowing access only to invited users.


mailout-icon-checklistTask Checklists
If you have tasks that are made up of smaller tasks, you can add a checklist of items within individual tasks.


mailout-icon-calCalendar Sync
Sync due dates for tasks to your Google or iCal Calendar, setup and receive email and SMS reminders via Google Calendar.


mailout-icon-storage2 Gigabytes of file storage per user
Much more storage than a free account. (Coming soon, additional storage and integration with Google Drive and Dropbox).


Whether you plan to upgrade or keep using the free plan we sincerely hope you will enjoy these new features. Keep an eye out for our next update. We will send you a reminder when the release is live and tell you a little more about the special beta offer. If you have any questions or queries please please get in touch.

Troy Best

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