One of our main focuses for Kitovu in the future is to widen its reach by making it more accessible and easier to interact with. Two new features we have just released are part of that strategy.

In the last week we have released a new feature to our premium accounts enabling them to email tasks directly into their workspace. Each Kitovu workspace now gets a unique email address and mail sent to this address can generate tasks. The mail content will be converted to the task content and attachments will be added to the task.

Our premium account holders will find there is a new option called Email In under the settings area. This is where you will find your new email address and your account admin can setup a default assignee and a default Client/Project into which incoming tasks will be delivered.

Email will only be accepted if it is sent from the address of an active user. This includes Guests and there are some routing rules that will determine where it ends up.

A few weeks back we also updated the task comments system to make it possible to notify guest followers of a new comment via an email. Guests are far less likely to be logged in so its important that they are alerted to updates on a task.

We recognise that email is here to stay, and it is a very significant part of the way we all communicate. It is also unrealistic to expect your clients to change their behaviour for you.

This is a good reason to setup more Guest Users for your clients and tell them about the email address, now they can email you tasks directly. If your clients send you a request to your personal email address then you can just forward it into your workspace. And you can keep them aware of task updates via the comment stream.

This is the first stage of a range of email related features we plan to release. We welcome your suggestions and feedback.

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