We developed Kitovu to allow teams or people to collaborate effectively on client work. A key tool that allows multiple people to effectively and centrally collaborate on a task is the ‘followers’ feature.

Every task in Kitovu has a ‘creator’ and an ‘assignee’. If you create a task in Kitovu you can either assign the task to yourself or to another person in your team, which is straightforward.

But sometimes you want to involve other people on a task without assigning the task directly to them. You might want the opinion or input of other people about a task or you might just want to keep certain people in the loop about certain tasks being worked on.

Any person in a Kitovu workspace can be included as a follower of a task, including Guests.  Any follower of a task will receive in-app notifications letting them know when someone has added a comment to the task they are following. This keeps everyone plugged-in to conversations and comments about tasks they are following.


Followers can be added and removed from a task at anytime. For example if a teammate added you as a follower and you don’t want to follow the task anymore you can remove yourself as a follower at anytime.

Private tasks and followers also work together. You can make a task private and if you add followers to the private task, only the followers of the task will be able to see and access the task.

Task followers are a great way for people in your team to collaborate on tasks in a central location. Imagine have 4, 5 or more people who need to be aware of what is happening with a task. Now imagine having to email every person and then every one of those people emailing you back. What happens if one person forgets to “reply-all”? Pretty soon there are emails going in every direction.

Centralising your communications around your work and tasks makes the management of work and communications much more efficient and a lot easier to manage.

The followers feature is available in both free and premium workspaces. Stay tuned for more new features. We have some BIG releases being tested right now and being released very soon! As always, email us with any suggestions you might have.

Troy Best – on behalf of the Kitovu team

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