You can now login to Kitovu using your Google Account. Google’s authentication systems provide extra security as well as simplifying access.

Here we explain the details and how you can get the most out of this new feature.


When you first login with or link a Google Account to Kitovu you will need to authorise Kitovu to access some of you information from Google. You will see a page displayed by Google which explains what information Kitovu can access. Kitovu requires access to your name, email address and your avatar.

If you want to de-authorise Kitovu’s access to your information then you will need to do this in your Google account ( under “Connected apps and services”

New users and Google Login

If you are new to Kitovu and you signup (or try to login) with your Google Account then we will create a new Kitovu Account and link your Google email address to it as well as import your Avatar and Name. This makes signing up very fast.

Existing users and Google Login

If you are an existing Kitovu user without any linked Google Login then you can start to use your Google Login very quickly. Its worth noting a few use cases though, to be sure you know what to expect.

If your Google email address is the same as one of your emails linked to your Kitovu User Account then you can use the Google Login immediately. We will detect the matching address and immediately link your Google Login to your Kitovu User Account and allow you into Kitovu.

If your Google email address is not linked to any Kitovu User Account then we will create a completely new Kitovu User Account when you login with Google. This may not be what you want if you are an existing Kitovu user, and will result in you having two Kitovu User Accounts. Don’t worry, you can merge them into one account quite easily.

To avoid ending up with two accounts we recommend that you use the “Add Google Email Account” feature in the My Settings > My Email area. This will ensure that your Google Login is linked to your existing Kitovu User Account.

Multiple Google Accounts

You can link as many Google Accounts as you like and login with any of them. This is very handy if you wish to link different Google email addresses to different workspaces.

So its really quite simple to start using Google logins. This is just the beginning of our integrations with Google, in the future we will be linking with many other Google services.


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