This weekend we will be releasing a major update to Kitovu. This release will become the foundation of several of our planned future features and make it much easier for you to access Kitovu.

Some of the new features you can expect:

  • Single Sign-on: access multiple workspaces with the same login.
  • Google Login: sign-up and login with your Google account.
  • Multiple emails: link multiple email addresses to your account.
  • Avatars: Gravatar and Google avatar retrieval.

This is a relatively large update and will require some disruption to services. We will be updating Kitovu between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM Saturday 16 May UTC. (Click this link to find your local time)

During this time you will still be able to use most of our services, however you may find that you are unexpectedly logged out on occasions. We recommend you avoid critical work during this time.

Stay tuned for more details. We will send more information about these new features once the update has been completed and released.

Tom Cameron – on behalf of the Kitovu team

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