It’s much nicer when you can setup your space the way you like it. We all use slightly different language to describe the things we do, so Kitovu now makes it easier to setup the language in your workspace the way you work.

I used to work in a web development agency and we referred to the people we worked for as “Clients” and we organised our tasks into “Projects”. But before that I was a Structural Engineer and we used to organise our tasks into “Jobs”. Actually Jobs and Projects are the same thing, but it’s just the naming we used.

You may prefer to use the word “Customers” instead of Clients. Or perhaps you are a property manager and you work for “Owners” and organise your tasks by “Property”

Here are a few more suggestions:

  • You work for: Clients, Customers, Departments, Owners.
  • You work on: Projects, Jobs, Cases, Properties.

So if “Client” and “Project” is not quite right for you, go into the Workspace Settings and under Configuration you will be able to choose your own words. It’s instant and harmless so you can try a few options until you get it right.


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