Paste checklist

One of our developers was getting annoyed about having to type checklist items in one by one and had a cool idea.

We use our own product – and hopefully it shows. Like everybody, we are inherently lazy and are keen to manage our work with the least possible amount of effort.  So its not surprising that we find better ways to do things from time to time.

We like creating checklists on our tasks – they are a great way to group a bunch of tiny tasks together or to break a larger job out to a manageable list. Often the list of things to do already exists in some other document or perhaps an email from a client and its just a pain to have to type them in one-by-one.

So we found a better way.

If you have a list of items in Notepad or in a Word Document or even on a web page, then you can now convert them to checklist items on a task simply by pasting them into the checklist.


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