So many people have asked us if they can try out all the features before upgrading. Previously that was not possible. We are very pleased to announce the release of a new Trial Plan.

Find out about our new Trial Plan and how you can earn while you try …

All new workspaces will be created on our new Trial Plan which gives you 14 days access to all the Premium Team Plan features. You can invite unlimited staff, clients, contacts and make use of email-in tasks, checklists, task copying and get to know exactly what we offer.

Just to make this a bit more exciting, we are also rewarding new users with credits while they explore Kitovu. After a few weeks you will not only know about all we have to offer but you will likely have enough credit to get a month or two free – possibly more.

In conjunction with our new Rewards system this is a great way to try (and earn) before you buy.

At the end of the trial you will then have the choice of upgrading to our Team Premium plan or reverting to the Solo Free plan. Either way, your tasks will remain and nothing is deleted.

If you are currently using our Free plan and want to take a peak at the premium features you have two choices. You can contact us and ask for your workspace to be switched to the Trial Plan, or you could just create a new workspace. (Credits you earn in any workspace are available to all other workspaces so dont worry about losing your credit).


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