Welcome to todo.vu.

Over the past 12 months we have been working hard to set a new clear direction and focus for our product. The “project management” and CRM SAAS space is crowded with some really great products and its often hard to define what makes one different from another.

Not all products are suited to all business types. Not all of these products live up to their promises.  Few of them are suitable for freelancers or small businesses.

todo.vu was created specifically for freelancers, consultants and small businesses that provide services direct to customers.

Put simply – you need to keep track of:

  • what needs to be done
  • who you are doing it for
  • who is doing it
  • and if its done or not

todo.vu will help you gain efficiency, quality & transparency in your business via a solution that is:

Simple – we deliver a solution that any freelancer or small business can adopt quickly and get running instantly. No setup, configuration, inductions or training required; no admin overload to enter and update info. You can focus on getting your work done without distraction.

Customer relationship focused – your clients or customers will always be the focus of what we deliver, generic systems that silo projects or lack any CRM features fail to deliver true customer relationship benefits. Your success depends on your ability to deliver consistently and reliably to your customers.

Scalable – whether you have 1 or 1000 clients, todo.vu will scale seamlessly, finding and seeing what you need to do will never be a problem.

todo.vu is free and fully featured for solo workers.

You can read a little more about the background behind the rename here

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