Managing all you need to do from day to day can’t be totally effective if you are only considering your clients and business tasks. Our personal lives are intertwined with business whether we like it or not. Throughout your working day, you are surely keeping track of a few personal tasks. Perhaps your spouse’s birthday, an appointment with the doctor, a tax return perhaps? Well, now you can keep track of these in too.

Within your workspace

personal-menuWe have added a new category of filter that shows you tasks that are specifically yours only.

To create a new personal task, you simply add a task, assign it to yourself and make it private – it’s that simple. Just be sure not to add any followers!

Your private tasks will now show up in the left column filter so you can find them easily.

Nobody else will be able to see these tasks, or even know that they exist. You can add attachments to these tasks too. You can also add comments and have a conversation with yourself :)

Personal/Private tasks via email

private emailNow here is a little-known secret.

If you email a task into and the subject line is prefixed with “private:” then the task will be automatically made private when it is created.  Because tasks that you email in are automatically assigned to you and created by you, that makes the task a ‘personal’ task, automatically.

This is very handy if you receive an email with personally sensitive information that you would like to turn into a task, but you don’t want to risk others seeing it.

A new personal workspace

An alternative way to handle your personal tasks is to create an entirely separate workspace. At the very top of the screen to the left of your name, you will see the option to create a new workspace. Once you have more than one workspace you can switch between them when you are logged in.

If you are a power user with many tasks that you would like to keep separate from your work, but still access easily, then this may be the best option for you.

Note that workspaces for single users are free of charge, so there is nothing stopping you from trying this out.

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