After 18-months in the user feedback testing stage, the newly-relaunched offers workplaces a streamlined Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Via a streamlined SaaS delivery model for micro and small businesses, the platform blends productivity with simplicity, speed, and bolstered bottom lines.

In a competitive age where luxury for a freelancer or small team of coworkers looks like the ability to actually plan a project, a new cloud-based SaaS platform launches to change the game.  Suffice it to say, the new customer management tool as come to play.  Comprehensive task management at its finest, the CRM platform helps transform “business as usual” regardless of how micro that business is.  How so? It uses transparency as its strongest tact.  By improving productivity with task and time management tools, its user-friendly interface betters everything by keeping lines of communication open.  That includes communication between pro and client, pro to pro, and everything in between.

Helping small businesses and freelancers provide a new level of service, finds its inspiration from David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” methodology.  Strategic, on point, and comprehensive, the platform is designed for small businesses with twenty or fewer staff members.  Thus, the project management platform helps prioritize to-do lists by centralizing collaborative tasks. Now, everyone on a team can see what work needs to be done for any given client or project.  They can also see who’s doing the work and any discussions about it without the tangle of multiple emails.  With real-time updates, everyone’s in the loop.  Improving accountability with clearly stated records kept, keeps projects moving with a simplistic yet advanced functionality that can be used across multiple projects as well as for in-house jobs. 

Tom Cameron, Founder of Kitovu Pty Ltd, said of the relaunch, “Our testing stage really clued us into things like email integration.  With this CRM platform, both you and clients can email tasks directly into  It will then preset routing, so tasks are automatically categorized under the right client and assigned to the correct assignee.  Attachments are automatically added to the task and comments can be added within the app.  Or, if you prefer, task followers can comment by replying to notification emails. is the definitive streamlined approach.”

In addition to the redesign, has a new pricing model.  It’s entirely free for freelancers and provides a 14-day free trial for teams.  The platform also has introduced a referral reward and credit system that rewards users for exploring the product and spreading the word.

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About Tom Cameron:

Tom Cameron is the founder of Kitovu Pty Ltd.  He has a background in Civil Engineering and IT. He worked for 10-years in the building Industry as a Structural Engineer.  He then ran a successful web and software development and hosting agency for 16-years before commencing development of

About Kitovu Pty Ltd

Kitovu Pty Ltd is the parent company of Based in New Farm, Queensland, Australia the SaaS platform enhances CRM productivity by simplifying tasks for teams, freelancers, and their clients. Kitovu Pty Ltd is privately held and funded, and has a small team of four core staff members continually developing their flagship product.

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