When we started out a few years ago, we were in need of users and feedback. So we decided to release a free version of our very early product to anybody who was willing to take a bit of a risk and give us some feedback. That plan allowed up to 5 users with slightly limited storage, and a few less features.

It was a great success and much of our development since that date was driven by the feedback we got in those early days – even some of the remaining tasks are from that roadmap planning phase.

But one thing that has become obvious to us is that it is terribly difficult for us to maintain multiple code versions as we move forward. Each time we release updates that go out to all code versions, we need to test them all thoroughly on all browsers with various versions of data and settings. The possible permutations are numerous and this takes a very long time.

To minimise our cost moving forward, we have decided to run all plans off one code base and deliver almost identical functionality to all plans. The plans will be differentiated more by metric limits rather than the presence or absence of major features.

So we have decided that from October 2016, the code base for the legacy Free Plan will no longer be updated with new features. We will continue to deliver on our original promise of a free plan forever. We will host those plans indefinitely and we will release browser compatibility and security updates as required, but otherwise the code will generally not be updated.

We will now be focusing on our Free Solo, Team Premium (and soon to be released, Time Billing) plans as we go forward. We are very excited about the next few updates and keen to press on with no distractions!

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