I have to admit, we made a mistake leaving this one out of our earlier development. My original vision was that projects would be nested underneath clients, and that would make it easier to understand how your data is organised. But, over time, I’ve changed my mind on this one and user feedback has been a big part of that change.

Many users were finding it hard to discover the projects and update them. And the lack of visibility of a project started to become very apparent as we are now developing more advanced reporting and budgeting tools.

So we have now introduced a new section to todo.vu called “Projects”. This section lists all of your projects that are currently active. It provides you with a list of your own most recent projects as well as all active projects.

You can also sort this list multiple ways – by tasks to do, by time spent, by time remaining (if you have set a budget) and by client name.

And you can also search this list to find projects quickly.

The list provides visual feedback about the project progress so you can quickly identify projects that are requiring attention.

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