We have been working very hard on a large number of bug fixes and improvements. The really big news is the release of our full Repeating Tasks system which you can read about separately.

This is a big list and reflects the fantastic feedback we are getting from users and the efforts of our dev team:

  • Bug fix: Labels dropdown not fitting on small screens (thanks to Richard Plowman)
  • Bug fix: Tax rates not accepting “.” (thanks to Thomas Zahnd)
  • Overdue task reminders by email and alert
  • UI improvement: Move (+) button to stop clashing with time drawer
  • UI improvement: Change ‘snack bar’ width to stop clashing with mouse actions
  • Auto update snooze date, if due date is changed
  • Bug fix: Refresh projects list when adding new projects (thanks to Thomas Kolasa)
  • Bug Fix: replace contact Add button after adding a contact (thanks to Thomas Kolasa)
  • UI improvement: remove reference to “User Invited” when creating a contact (thanks to Thomas Kolasa)
  • Add option to Stop a repeating sequence on any occurrence
  • Bug fix: +/- not working on time settings (thanks to Simone van Schip)
  • Bug fix: Mysterious labels created from projects (thanks to Richard Plowman)
  • Clean up code imports to reduce overall app size and speed up load time
  • New UI for editing labels
  • Added Contact listing to make it easier to find contacts



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