We are very excited to announce that todo.vu has received the Capterra “Best value” award in the category of Task Management for 2018.

todo.vu was among a long list of several hundred contenders so it is a great achievement. It does reflect our strong commitment to delivering a well rounded, fully features site at a very competitive price point. This has always been our objective and what stands us apart from many competitors in the industry.

You can read more about the judging and methodology to see exactly what this means.

Value is a very difficult thing to achieve and balance within a product. It can mean different things to many businesses. There is always a demand to add more features competing with the need to keep the product reasonably affordable.

Also, in this industry, keeping a product pricing low immediately disadvantages us because we are unable to match the advertising spend of more expensive products. Consequentially, most software directories and advertising platforms are dominated by highly priced products creating a distorted view of the product landscape. 

Instead of directories displaying the ‘best’ products at the top of the list or the ‘best value’ products, they essentially display the most expensive products – the ones that simply bid the highest. Sadly the market ends up becoming a case of ‘the most expensive product wins’ rather than ‘the best product wins’.

We will continue to strive to break this model and deliver a unique value proposition to small teams and freelancers. Your continued support will ensure we achieve this.


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