This new feature came directly from a client suggestion. 

Under the Time tab, you can browse through your time entries day by day (or the entire teams entries if you are an admin user). This is great but one annoyance is that you would have to click on each and every day to find out if there are time entries for that day.

For small teams that is not too much of an issue but for large teams or where time recording is very critical, finding a missed day is amost impossible.

So we have updated the calendar so that it now highlights days that have time entries on them. Even better, the opacity of the highlight depends on how much time is recorded. So the more time you record, the darker the highlight. This now makes it very easy to find days that have no time entries or even days with very few time entries. 

You can quickly get a visual on an entire month of time entries and immediately identify anomolies.


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