Another few months of fixes and updates to record here. Really great work from Sergey and Max and the dev team in general.

  • Introducing desktop notifications
  • Highlight calendar days with time entries (really cool customer suggestion)
  • Several fixes of UTC/timezone issues in reports and charts.
  • Remove unwanted text on ‘Good Job’ messages
  • Print CSS enhancements for tasks and listings
  • Improve Billing Reports performance to cope with more than 1000 clients in one workspace
  • Only display last in-app message to reduce message ‘spam’
  • Now admin users have the ability to stop other timers in case staff forget
  • Security – came_from validates domain
  • Security – improved CSP policy hardening to lock out JS injection across the entire system
  • Security – improved Header policy to block iFrames, xss protection, content type options.
  • Security – updated SSL cyphers
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