We have recently added a new feature allowing workspace owners to archive clients. This has been a well-requested feature.

This feature allows you to remove the client record from most of the workspace views where tasks are added or time is tracked. Archiving clients will help you declutter your views of any old client records that you no longer need. It will also help reduce the error of adding tasks to an obsolete client record.

This process does not hide the client entirely. You can still find historical time records and tasks in any of the searches and reporting areas and no data is ever deleted. However, staff will no longer be able to add projects, tasks or contacts to the client while it is archived.

Of course, you can also reactivate an archived Client, should you find you need to work with them again in the future. And you can also delete a client entirely – though we would recommend that you only do this for records that are truly a mistake and have no historical value.

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