One of the really useful features of is the ability to allow your client’s contacts to log into the system and create, edit and work on tasks alongside you. But sometimes you don’t want your contacts to have too much control over who is doing what.

We recently added a new feature to allow for staff-only comments – this means that you can safely have private conversations on a task without worrying about your clients listening in.

This new feature allows the workspace owner to disable your contact’s ability to select or change the assignee of a task. We have added a new option under Settings > Task routing > Task assigning – here you can deselect the option that allows your contacts to select the task assignee.

If you do this, then when a contact creates a task inside, the task will automatically be assigned based on the routing rules. This may be the workspace default assignee or if you have set a default assignee for a client then that would be the assignee.

Your contacts can still see who the current assignee is on a task but they are unable to change the setting. This configuration is more like a ‘Help Desk’ environment where incoming requests are delegated internally.


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