Previously, we made use of a client called ‘in-house’ for the purpose of recording non-billable tasks and time. Over time, we have discovered this to be somewhat presumptions and limiting.

Some organisations do want to bill internal time or at the very least, generate detailed costings and reports and this was previously not possible. The in-house client did not behave like other clients and was not as configurable.

So we have released an update that overcomes these issues. All workspaces now have a ‘Default’ client that can not be archived or deleted. This client can be renamed, the icon can be changed and you can set up projects with billing rates and record ‘billable’ time on its tasks. Furthermore, you can perform all of the billing functions such as advanced reporting, exporting of time data and even creating billing reports.

It is still advised that you keep this client for in-house work only, but you may prefer to rename it to ‘Internal’ or even to your own company name.

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