This week’s release delivers a new notifications alert system within the desktop version of In a busy workspace, the notifications are a critical part of your workflow. But the notification stream can quickly become cluttered with dozens of messages – so we have rebuilt this area to ensure you don’t miss what’s important to you.

Searching notifications

It is now possible to search for previous notifications. When you type into the search field it will match the comment text, but also staff names, clients and projects.

Pinning notifications

You can now pin notifications to the top of the list so that you don’t miss them even if the notification has already been read. This is a great way to keep urgent but unattended tasks top of your mind. To access this feature, use your right mouse button to reveal the context menu and pin the message.

@mentions in notifications

If someone adds a comment to a task and specifically mentions you, then the notification will be highlighted to stand out from the rest.

Mentioning someone simply requires typing @ followed directly by their name. The exact format is quite flexible, you only need to type in their first name e.g. @tom, but if there is more than one person in the workspace with the same name then you can be a bit more specific by adding in all or part of the surname i.e. @tomc or @tomcam to ensure uniqueness.

Mentions can be added into the body of a task or any comment. You can also use mentions when replying to emails.

You can also search for all notifications in which you are mentioned by simply searching for ‘@’

Other notable features of this release include:

  • Faster and more reliable loading of notifications.
  • Easy way to toggle the list view between All or just Unread notifications
  • The option to not only mark notifications as read but to mark them back as unread
  • A new animated favicon in the browser tab to help you notice new messages
  • The ability to pin notifications to the top of the list for later reference
  • Notifications in which you are mentioned have a highlight and @ icon



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