Another round of minor fixes and improvements. We have focused on standardising modals and how they update/save data.

  • Improve link colours in the text editor
  • Adjust overlay on tasks when the time drawer is open
  • New task view title and labels editor – more security and better syncing of changes
  • Improvements to all task modals – Assignee, Followers, Labels
  • Batch editing – new Labels modal, improved Client/project modal
  • Improve HTML > Block conversion
  • Enhanced caching/updating avatars on the dashboard
  • Enhanced updates for task titles on the dashboard
  • Various task dashboard improvements
  • Bug: Timer settings “round up” toggle not saving
  • Bug: OK link in Delete Project Template modal
  • Bug: Hide deactivated staff from header
  • Bug: Hide deactivated contacts from client tiles
  • Bug: Improve task title encoding
  • Bug: Staff Edit modal could not be dismissed
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