Our newest update to todo.vu, rolling out across Workspaces from today, includes new ways to view and work with todo.vu tasks, a new and improved comment editor, and the ability to sort comments from newest first – a highly anticipated feature!

You’ll now enjoy:

  • Customised task and comment views to suit your way of working
  • Consolidated task options to simplify setting deadlines and logging time on tasks
  • Additional details in your tasks’ comments section, allowing you to see and track progress at a glance
  • A rich-text comment editor for clearer communication on tasks.

Read on to find out more, or jump to:

Task updates

1. Due dates & time spent fields now on tasks

Task due dates and time entry fields have moved from an independent sidebar to on the tasks themselves. Now within a task’s header, the ‘Due date’ and ‘Time spent’ fields can be viewed at a glance and edited with a click.

When clicked, both fields open a separate pop-up modal, which looks and functions the same as the previous task ‘Due date’ and ‘Time spent’ editors you’re already used to.

An animated GIF of todo.vu time tracking and billing software, demonstrating the new Task Editor interface, where 'Time spent' and 'Task is due' fields have moved from the sidebar to the right to display on the actual task itself.

2. Changes to existing task fields​

To make room for the ‘Due date’ and ‘Time spent’ fields on tasks, a few other task details have moved:

  • Task followers are now shown as a list of avatars at the right of a task, underneath the (x). You’ll only see the first four followers, but can see more by selecting the icon underneath the fourth follower. You can edit or add followers by clicking on the eye icon, and hover over any avatar to view that follower’s name.
  • Task numbers are now located above the task title
  • The bookmark task option is located above the task assignee’s avatar
  • The ‘Important’ marker is also located above the task title.

Plus, no matter how far you scroll down your task, the task details at the top will remain visible as a fixed header bar.

3. New task edit option: ‘Add a dependent task’

As well as the option to ‘Make a copy’, ‘Archive’ and ‘Delete’ a task from the three-dot menu in the top right corner of a task, you can now also ‘Add a dependent task’.

When selected, this option automatically creates a new task that will be ‘snoozed’ until the task you created it from is marked as done. That snoozed task is the dependent task, because it waits for your primary task to be completed before it becomes an active task.

4. New task views

You can now choose to view and interact with tasks in a way that works best for you with new task view options.

These options determine how each of your individual tasks display in your todo.vu Workspace.

They are:

(*Click/tap to enlarge each image.)

a) Full screen

Individual tasks will display in full-screen view. Only the Workspace header and left sidebar will be visible in addition to your selected task. (This is much the same as the open task page in previous versions of todo.vu.)

A screenshot of todo.vu time tracking and billing software, showing the fullscreen task view.

b) Window

Individual tasks will display in a pop-up window on your Task Dashboard.

A screenshot of todo.vu time tracking and billing software, showing the new 'in window' task view.

c) Side-by-side

Individual tasks will open beside your task listing on your Task Dashboard. Your open task will change as you select different tasks from within the task listing. This tabular view is common to many email platforms.

An animated GIF demonstrating the different calendar views a user can navigate to, including viewing any of their team member's calendar views.
To change your task view setting, simply click the three-dot menu at the top right-hand side of the task to choose your view. The highlighted icon is dynamic and reflects your current view.
An animated GIF of todo.vu time tracking and billing software, demonstrating how a User can change their task views to any of the three new task view settings.
Note: Your task view settings will remain persistent until you change them, even when logging out and back into todo.vu.

5. Improved task attachment previews

Any file uploaded to a task can now be easily previewed in full-screen with just a click – not just PDF or image files as the previous version of the workspace enabled.

Users also have a few new options for viewing and interacting with attachments on a task; you can choose to:

  • ‘Zoom’, to make the attachment smaller or larger on the task
  • Download the attachment
  • Delete the attachment.

To use these options on any attachment, simply select the three-dot menu on the top right of the attachment.

A screenshot of todo.vu time tracking and billing software, showing the new attachment view options on tasks.

Comments updates

1. Sort comments by newest first

Want to see your most recent comments first? Just use the sort icon below your comment editor to sort your comments from newest or oldest or vice versa.

A screenshot of todo.vu time tracking software, demonstrating that you can now show newest comments first.

2. Delete comments

You can now delete any comments you post on a task. Simply hover over your comment, and select the bin icon on the right-hand side. Note that to protect the audit trail, comment deletion actions will be recorded on the task every time.

3. See & edit time logged on a task in the comment stream

todo.vu tasks have always incorporated a comment stream, which records not only team and client conversations but also any activity related to the task, such as a change of its due date. Now, all time logged to the task is recorded chronologically here, too.

In addition to seeing your and your teams’ time entries as they happen, administrator users can also edit any time entry directly within this section – just select the pencil icon that appears as you hover your mouse over the time entry title.

A screenshot of todo.vu time tracking software, showing how a User can now edit time entries from within a Task's comment stream, in additional to seeing all time entries logged here in the comments stream.

4. Updates to comment stream views

You can choose to show all records in a task’s comments stream (comments, time entries and any task activity), or condense to show just comments and time entries.

Simply click the arrows below your comment editor to toggle between the different settings.

5. Rich text now available in comments editor

Now, you can add headings, bulleted lists, checklists, code and more to your comments.

You can even reference tasks in your comments, using task numbers that will automatically hyperlink to the referenced task and display additional task details within a tooltip when hovered over.

6. Additional manual time logger

Another way to add time to a task is now beneath the comment editor – simply click the calendar icon to add time.

A screenshot of todo.vu time tracking software, showing where a User can add time manually to the task wth the click of a button.

7. Quick copy addresses for email-in tasks

Emailing your tasks and comments into todo.vu now involves just a simple click and paste.

Just use the new envelope icon beneath the comment editor to copy your unique todo.vu email addresses with a single click on the ‘copy to clipboard’ icon.


A screenshot of todo.vu's time tracking and billing interface, demonstrating that a user can sync todo.vu's calendar with their own external digital calendar app.

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