In our most recent update, we’ve enhanced the Reporting Dashboard to give you access to more specific insights.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Filtering reports by specific tasks: See time entry data for individual tasks.
  • Enhanced data table options: See time entry data for Monthly, Weekly, and Daily time periods
  • Draft billing data filter: Filter for time entry data by ‘Draft’ billing status
  • Intuitive time graph updates: Adjusting your time graph is now even more straightforward.

Read on to find out more about each new feature.

Filtering reports by specific tasks

If you spend a lot of time on one task, or have many team members tracking time on the same task, this new feature’s for you!

Now, you can filter your reports to see time entry data per individual task. This means you can see time and billing details logged on one task by any number of different users.

This provides another layer of detail that complements the existing filter options, which include filtering data for specific clients, projects, labels and users.

A screenshot of a section of a time report in time tracking software, demonstrating how reports can now be broken down to show time and value details per individual tasks.

To filter for an individual task’s time entry data:

  • Navigate to your Reporting Dashboard. You’ll notice a secondary side menu appears on the left.
  • Under the ‘Filter by’ section, select ‘All tasks’.
  • A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to select your desired task. Once chosen, the data on your dashboard will refresh to reflect the time entries for that specific task.

Delete the filters that appear on ‘Your tasks’, ‘All projects’ and ‘All clients’ to return to your unfiltered report.

An animation in time tracking software that demonstrates how a user can further subdivide a digital time report in via individual task for more specific insights on time and billing details per task.

Note: Within the pop-up window that appears when selecting your task, you can switch your view of tasks by choosing either ‘Your recent tasks’ or ‘All tasks’ from the top right-hand corner, next to the (X) button.

Enhanced data table options

We’ve revamped the data tables found beneath the time graph, introducing Monthly, Weekly, and Daily views for detailed time data insights.

Now, as well as the standard breakdown of time and billing data by Client, Project, User, and Label on your ‘Summary’ tab, you can now delve into time and billing totals segmented by months, weeks, or days.

The ‘Detailed’ tab remains the same.

Here’s how it works:

  • Set your reporting period using the time graph as you normally would.
  • Beneath the time graph, within the data tables, choose between the tabs at the top to segment your time and billing data by Monthly, Weekly, or Daily intervals.
  • Use the ‘Download CSV’ or ‘Export to Google Sheets’ buttons located at the report’s bottom left to save or export your data.


A screenshot of time tracking and billing software, demonstrating a view of a time report's new tabs for further dividing data by monthly, weekly and daily views.

Plus, whenever you export your data to a CSV file or Google Sheets, the exported report will be formatted to mirror your filtered view in

A screenshot of time tracking and billing software, demonstrating an example of a Google Sheets export of a time report in the new Daily view.

Draft billing data filter

In the past,’s Reporting Dashboard allowed you to filter time data by three billing statuses:

  • Yet to be billed.
  • Non-billable (in-house tasks).
  • Marked as billed in

With our latest update, you can now also view time entries that are in draft billing reports.

To access this, simply:

  • Navigate to the secondary side menu and ensure only the ‘Draft’ button under ‘Time entry billing status’ is selected to filter your reports according to this billing status.


An animation of time tracking and billing software, demonstrating the time report filtered by the new 'Draft' billing status.

Intuitive time graph updates

We’ve streamlined how you adjust the date range for your reports.

Options like ‘This month’, ‘Last month’, ‘This quarter’, ‘Last quarter’, and ‘This year’ have been relocated. Instead of being underneath the graph, they are now accessible via an icon at the upper right of the graph, beside the minus/plus (- +) icons.

This change ensures a cleaner dashboard with all customisation options conveniently grouped together.

An animation of time tracking and billing software, demonstrating where the date range options for's time graph have moved to.

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