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Finding the right software is a lot like dating; sometimes, it’s love at first sight. Other times, you need more time to carefully decide how you feel about the new presence in your life.

You may ask yourself things like:

  • Are they the right fit for me?
  • Will it be easy?
  • Will I want to interact with them every day?
  • Are they reliable?
  • Can I get used to the fact that they chew with their mouth open? (This one’s probably exclusive to dating.)

The point is, we all like to know we’re making the right choice before we get too involved. When it comes to choosing software for your business, no one wants the added stress of a system that doesn’t work well with your industry, team or workflow.

That’s why we thought we’d share what some of our customers love about – to help you decide if our productivity tool is something that you, too, could fall in love with.

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“ fits the bill.”

Redline Company, Spain
Industry: Marketing
Team size: 16

The challenge:
A full-service marketing agency, Redline needed to better organise its team of office-based and remote staff, and wanted an easy way to collaborate online.

The solution:
Using, Redline’s team can chat in real time on tasks, store information in one central location, see staff activity, and generate timesheets and time billing reports.

We needed a system that would allow real-time communication, an easily accessible central bank of information for each project, and reporting functionality. fits the bill. Now, we can easily monitor staff activity, manage projects, generate timesheets, billing and much more.

Redline Company

“ has been very useful to us.”

VABusiness, Tanzania
Industry: Finance & Accounting
Team size: 20

The challenge:
As specialists providing ideal business solutions to clients across Tanzania and even abroad, VA Business needed a tool that would allow the team to manage projects and track billable hours for multiple clients.

The solution:
Using, VA Business can keep track of projects with ease and see at a glance what team members are working on. Tracking billable hours is a breeze – the team can easily track different charge-out rates for different clients in – and they can access an accurate snapshot of their billable and non-billable time for their clients.

We have been using as a tool for our practice management. has been very useful to us in assigning and communicating allocated assignments to the team, managing budgeted hours versus actual hours, team members tracking their hours, collaborating on specific assignments and more.

VA Business

“As a legal team, we needed a system to know where each case was at.”

Youth Law, New Zealand
Industry: Legal, Not for Profit
Team size: 16

The challenge:
YouthLaw has a team of legal volunteers managing hundreds of fast-moving cases. They needed a system that would help the entire team keep track of all cases and track time accurately.

The solution:
YouthLaw now uses to track cases. All legal staff are able to see all cases and update them in real time. If staff change or are unavailable, cases are easily accessible by others, which ensures business continuity and efficiency. Staff are able to track time against cases, so that accurate time reports can be created for accounts.

YouthLaw is a community law centre that offers free legal advice to young people in NZ. We have a small team of under 10 legal staff and a slightly larger team of volunteers who help us complete our work more efficiently. We have been using, as we needed a system that allows volunteers and the legal staff to know where each case is at in a brief summary format, what needs to be completed. With, it is easy for each staff and volunteer to tag on and off a case.  We find the timing mechanism, the date/priority mechanism and the tagging mechanism to be very helpful. Tom is also very responsive to any queries we have.
Velda Chan

Youth Law Aotearoa New Zealand

“ has helped us to improve our efficiency, productivity and task management.”

Tonkin, Australia
Industry: Engineering & Environmental Services
Team size: 9

The challenge:
Tonkin needed to efficiently manage project resourcing, particularly as its team of office-based and remote workers began to grow.

The solution:
Using’s task management features, the team at Tonkin can easily set up and allocate tasks to different team members. Staff can easily communicate in real time on tasks no matter where they’re working, and the team improves their efficiency as they can all work from the same, up-to-date information.

Some of our team work remotely and on a part-time basis, so the ability to set up, allocate and complete tasks through has been incredibly valuable. It has helped our asset management and spatial services team to improve our efficiency, productivity and task management.

Tonkin Engineering

“Our company is 10-15% more profitable with”

Saleslion Suomi Oy, Finland
Industry: Marketing & eCommerce
Team size: 6

The problem:
Saleslion had little transparency of the time the team spent on client projects. The company aspired to operate more efficiently and wanted to adopt an easier way for remote staff to log their hours.

The solution:
Using’s time tracking and reporting tools, Saleslion can see every detail of their billable time: which team member did what, for which client, and for how long. The team can better manage their time and staff find the tool easy to use.’s easy-to-use interface encourages our team to fill their timesheets daily with minimal effort.

For the first time in my life, I can see how much time we spend on different clients and in-house projects. Our company is 10-15% more profitable with, because we can work more productively, spending less time on non-urgent in-house projects and more time on profitable customers.



“ is our lifeline and brings calm to our often hectic and fast-paced agency.”

AMCS Marketing, USA
Industry: Marketing, Advertising, Web Design & Development
Team size: 4

The challenge:
AMCS Marketing needed to efficiently manage multiple clients and projects, better communicate with clients, and learn how best to prioritise their workflow.

The solution:
Using’s client management portal, AMCS’ clients can log on to and see their projects’ status at any time. The AMCS team can easily communicate on tasks with their clients, too, including via email, which conveniently is recorded to the specific task in, too!

Detailed time reports available in help AMCS Marketing see at a glance which projects take the most time, and where they could work more productively to improve their output.

There’s a lot of back and forth among our team and the clients. With, we always know exactly what’s going on and what still needs to get done. We can look back on discussions and files that are important to each task.

Our clients have said that they love because it helps them to stay on track with their work, too. The clean interface makes it easy to find tasks and everyone, clients and team alike, appreciate the ability to respond via email.


AMCS Marketing

“ is an invaluable part of our operations.”

Webiya, Israel
Industry: IT & Web Development
Team size: 7

The challenge:
Webiya needed a tool that integrated time tracking and billing, so that the software team could easily track and record their time, and then bill their clients accurately, all from the same convenient platform.

The solution:
Using’s time tracking and billing features, Webiya can easily track the time their team spends on tasks and create detailed billing reports to give to their clients.

We have been using for a growing team of front end and full stack expert developers. allows us to remain connected as a team, track our billable time, and bill customers accurately and transparently.

We would highly recommend to any similar organization.



“I’ve saved so much money with, because now I’m keeping track of all my billable hours.”

Erin, Australia
Industry: Marketing
Team size: 1

The challenge:
As the sole owner and operator of her copywriting business, Erin was using multiple programs to manage her workflow and billing. She wanted an easier, all-in-one solution for tracking billable hours and invoicing clients.

The solution:
Using’s time tracking and billing features, Erin ensures she captures every billable hour and can provide her clients with detailed billing reports that record exactly what she’s done and when.

Because I used so many different tools before I found, I wasn’t truly committed to any of them, and I’d often forget to log my billable hours. As soon as I started using, I realised how much money I was losing because I was doing this!

Now, I can easily log all my billable hours and get paid accurately. I can also provide my clients with detailed reports that show exactly how long it took me to complete their tasks. I like how professional the billing reports look with my logo, which I easily attach to every invoice I send.


Google Ads Freelancer & Copywriter

“I was using Calendar and Excel sheets before, but is so much more effective.”

StyleMeToday, Slovakia
Industry: Fashion
Team size: 2

The challenge:
A personal stylist and shopper, Martina from StyleMeToday needed an easy-to-use tool to manage her clients’ information and billing in one place.

The solution:
Using’s simple CRM and billing features, Martina can provide exceptional customer service, keeping a detailed timeline of work done for all client projects, and storing relevant information and documents in one central location. Her level of service is elevated further as she’s able to provide detailed time billing reports, complete with annotations, to her clients. allows me to create and keep my client database up to date, keeping their billing and contact info comfortably in one place.

I’m also able to record very clearly all hours dedicated to my customers and subsequently issue detailed bills to them just by clicking a button. It’s possible to dedicate each working hour not just to a client, but to a project and task as well, which enables a structured view of all our work.

I also use the reporting tool for up-to-date billed/unbilled time overviews and top clients charts.



“ enables our small, global team of volunteers to easily generate metrics for our donors.”

IUCN Amphibian Red List Authority (ARLA), United Kingdom
Industry: Science, Conservation & Research
Team size: 5

The challenge:
To aid its fundraising efforts, ARLA needed a time tracking tool that would enable the team to show donors exactly what was worked on, and how long each task took to complete.

The solution:
With’s smart time tracker, the team at ARLA can track their hours no matter where they’re working, and provide donors with accurate, quantitative data. With a nice snapshot of where they’ve spent their time, the team can also improve how they work to become more efficient overall. enables our small, global team of volunteers to easily generate metrics for our donors. Quantitative data on the effort required to deliver our work is critical not only for our fundraising, but also internal improvements to our efficiency.

We have especially appreciated the lightning fast customer support and willingness to consider our feedback about the platform’s functionality.



So, there you have it, a few opinions from a few of our customers. We hope it helped, and if you’d like to learn more, feel free to get in touch with our founder, Tom. He loves to chat.

Or, you might just like to dive in! As one of our (clearly hilarious) customers put it: “Vu’d be crazy not to give it a go.”

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