Snooze until...

Following the principles of Getting Things Done, we implemented the task Snooze feature some time ago. De-clutter your inbox by snoozing less important tasks and focus on what is really important.

We have now made this feature even more useful.

One of the main reasons people don’t bother to capture trivial, small or non-critical tasks in their task management system is the fear that it will just clutter the inbox. But good task management involves capturing everything. With the Snooze option, you can capture your tasks but then push them aside so you can focus on what you must do now.

One of the primary reasons a task can’t be done immediately is because you need to complete something else first. The other task may be a prerequisite or simply something more important.

Rather than having to remember your snooze tasks or hunt for them later on, we have made it possible to snooze your task until another one is completed. As soon as you complete a task, any tasks that have been snoozed until this task is complete will be moved back into your to do list.

We hope you enjoy giving your Kitovu tasks a snooze. Let us know what you think of this new feature.

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