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Tasks & time tracking integration

Tasks and time tracking, and how these two functionalities interact, have always been a key and unique element of

Time tracked must be connected to – that is, either tracked in real-time or logged manually on – specific tasks in, in order for that data to appear in a user’s billing and activity reports.

Here’s everything you need to know about connecting tasks and time tracking in

In this Help article, we’ll cover:


How does it work?

This method provides clarity to owners and customers alike; business managers can clearly see how much time their teams spent on certain tasks, and their clients can clearly see what they’re being charged for.

For example, in this animated GIF below, time is being tracked in real time on a specific task, that task titled: ‘New Support Request’. Then, in the screenshot below our animated GIF, that time appears accurately in’s billing reports, calculated as per a User-set billing rate.

An animated GIF of's time billing interface, demonstrating a user tracking time directly on a task (New Support Request).
A screenshot of's time billing software, indicating that time tracked must be connected to a task to be used in billing and activity reports.
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